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Tarik M. Husain, MD, FACS

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When it comes to beauty and caring for your skin, it’s easy to forget about your neck. But like your face, your neck is affected by aging. With offices in Miami Beach, South Miami, and Aventura, Florida, Tarik M. Husain, MD offers solutions to improve the look of your neck and give you a more youthful appearance. If you’re unhappy with sagging skin or neck wrinkles, call or book an appointment online.

Neck Tightening Q & A

What causes the skin on the neck to wrinkle and sag?

Like the skin on your face, your neck is also susceptible to aging.

As you age, your body produces less collagen, elastin, and glycosaminoglycans. These substances add plumpness, elasticity, and hydration to your skin. As production declines, the skin on your neck -- and all other areas of your body -- succumbs to gravity and lines.

While you can’t stop the aging process, you may be able to slow down some of its effects on your skin by:

  • Eating a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water
  • Using sunblock on your face and neck
  • Not smoking, or quitting if necessary
  • Moisturizing your face and neck daily

What is neck tightening?

Neck tightening is a noninvasive option for decreasing the appearance of neck folds. Dr. Husain uses Botox injections to minimize the appearance of these lines and give you a younger look.

After an examination, Dr. Husain uses a very thin needle to inject Botox into specific muscles in your neck. These injections block the nerves, paralyzing and relaxing these specific neck muscles to prevent folds and wrinkles.

The effects last up to four months, and you can safely get another set of injections once the folds return.

What is a neck lift?

A neck lift is a facelift for your neck. Botox can minimize wrinkles, but it can’t eliminate sagging skin. If your neck is saggy, Dr. Husain may recommend a neck lift.

Because it’s a more invasive surgery, you need anesthesia for a neck lift. Depending on what you need, Dr. Husain may do a traditional neck lift or a limited neck lift.

With a traditional neck left, he makes incisions starting at the hairline behind the jaw to the back of the head. Then, he lifts the skin, removes and redistributes fat, and removes excess skin. Finally, he tightens and positions the neck and sutures the incisions.

With a limited neck lift, Dr. Husain only makes incisions around the ear. While the limited facelift is less invasive, the effects may be less dramatic.

If your neck is adding unnecessary years to your appearance, call Dr. Husain or schedule an appointment using the online booking tool.