How Abdominal Etching Can Accentuate Your Six Pack

For many men and women, getting sick pack abs is elusive. Even working out consistently and eating right won’t guarantee a six pack.

Dr. Tarik Husain understand the difficulties men and women experience in pursuit of the perfect abs. That’s why he offers a unique service, abdominal etching, to enhance your natural muscles and improve the overall appearance of your abdomen.

How abdominal etching delivers results

Abdominal etching is a specialized liposuction-style procedure, known as liposculpture. Using a custom treatment plan, Dr. Husain removes areas of fat around your abdomen that are hiding the strong, well-defined muscles below.

As a result, abdominal etching uncovers your natural physique and highlights the results of all your hard work.

The ideal abdominal etching candidate

Abdominal etching is for men and women who are already close to their fitness goals. You should already be practicing a regular exercise regimen to build muscles in your abdominal region, and you should be eating well to maintain a healthy weight.

Good candidates for abdominal etching should also have less than two centimeters of fat in the abdominal region. You can do a quick measurement of this by pinching any fatty areas between your fingers.

Dr. Husain will conduct a thorough physical examine and review your medical history to ensure abdominal etching surgery is a safe option for you. You will be placed under anesthesia for your procedure.

Healing from abdominal etching

Most of the fat removal is done through very small incisions around your abdomen, usually in folds of skin or through your belly button. The liposuction cannula is inserted through these incisions to suck out targeted area of fat around your muscles.

With detailed attention to his technique, Dr. Husain can sculpt your abs in a way that is noticeable, yet natural-looking.

Right after your surgery, there will be some swelling in your abdomen. There may also be some bruising at the incision sites. You’ll need to rearrange your schedule for up to three weeks to avoid heavy lifting and strenuous workouts.

In addition to needing time for you incisions to heal, you’ll also need time for your skin to retract over your newly defined muscles.

Abdominal etching offers lasting results

To fully heal from your abdominal etching procedure, it can take six months or longer. However, as your swelling goes down, you’ll see a definite difference in the definition and shape of your abdominal muscles.

Over time, your abs will become more enhanced, and you can return to your usual exercise routine to keep your ab muscles strong.

As long as you keep up with your fitness plan and eat right, the results of abdominal etching will last for a lifetime. You should only need one procedure to achieve your goals.


If you’re working hard for a six pack but have nothing to show for it, book an appointment with Dr. Tarik Husain online or over the phone today.

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